There’s not much Germanese restaurant here in Jakarta, I only know Paulaner which located in Grand Indonesia. There’s this new place in West Jakarta that serves Germanese food called the Mama’s German Restaurant. This restaurant just opened, about 2 months. The location is easy to find, at St. Moritz (accross Lippo Mall Puri, Eric Kayser lobby).

The place is not too big (don’t compare it to Paulaner). From the entrance, I can feel that I’m entering a classic-old style European restaurant. The waitresses dressed in the traditional costume as well. There’s this dart games which you can play them by paying 10k.

Now let’s talk about the food. They offer various menus, but what goes straight to my mind is the Pork Knuckle or in German they called it Schweinshaxe. It’s a roasted ham hock (or we know as ‘pork knuckle’, which is the end of the pig’s leg, just above the ankle and below the meaty ham portion) which has been marinated for days and roasted at low temperature until it is crispy. In here, you can order one whole Pork knuckle (279,5k for 1000g), but you can also order half portion of it.

Butcher Platter (325,5k)
Butcher Platter (325,5k)

I order the Butcher Platter which consist of Kassler steak, 2 Debrecener Sausages, 1 meat loaf topped with one sunny side up egg and 1/2 of crispy pork knuckle, served with Sauerkraut and french fries. The pork knuckle is the highlight for me. It’s crispy, it’s well cooked, the meat is not tough, and it’s not too salty. I have once tried Ya Udah Bistro’s pork knuckle and I say this one is better. The Kassler steak is surprisingly good as well, altough it’s cooked well done but it’s not tough and dry. The sausages and meatloaf were just okay for me.

The other platter we order is the sausage platter called Mixed Grilled Sausage Platter. It’s basically sausages with wedges and veggies. The sausages are Krauker, Nuremberg, Thuringian, and Swiss sausage. I felt the sausages were just okay for me. But I enjoy them with the mustard sauce and with the mashed potato that I find it delicious and creamy (and kept ordering for more).

Mixed Grilled Sausage Platter (114,5k)
Mashed Potato (29,5k)

For appetizers, I ordered Bavarian Meat Platter and (Pork) Caesar Salad. The Bavarian meat platter is meat and cheese platter mixed with four different kind of sliced cold cut. two sorts of cheese and three slices of bread and butter. I don’t find this platter is special, the cheese doesn’t taste like cheese, the sliced cold cut (sorry to say) is something I can find in supermarket which I usually eat with bread for breakfast.

In short, i’m satisfied with the crispy pork knuckle and I will go back for this one, and also tried the grill menus as well.

MAMA’S German Restaurant
PX Pavilion Mall – The St. Moritz GF Unit GF-6D
Jalan Puri Indah, Kembangan Selatan, Jakarta Barat

other branch

Summarecon Mal Serpong (SMS) Downtown Walk blok DGF – 01
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Banten

La’ Walon Center
Jl. Legian, Kuta, Bali



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