Dessert, chocolate, cake, waffles and anything sweet has never been my top priority when I find a place to eat or drink. But there’s this new cafe serving (mostly) chocolate around Gading Serpong area and the reviews are all positive reviews. So I decided to stop by and try this Kakolait Cafe, especially after having spicy food for lunch.

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Many cafe are mostly serving coffee drinks. It’s quite rare to find a chocolate specialty cafe here in Jakarta or Serpong area. They are located at Gading Serpong, near Turning Point, B Steak, Porto bistreau , and Daily Press. The place is very spacious, not so spacious on the first floor but very spacious on the second floor. The interior is very minimalist, modern, with a touch of chocolate themed color and woods, and very instagenic.

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I order two cups of hot chocolate (it’s rainy season so I’m looking something warm and I know hot chocolate never fail); Crunchy waffle balls Dark chocolate and American marshmallow milk. Basically the signature hot chocolate drink is available in three options; classic, American Marshmallow and Crunchy Waffle Balls, you can choose between the dark chocolate or milk chocolate.

I love the dark chocolate more than the milk chocolate because it’s too ‘milky’, but I prefer the marshmallow topping instead of the crunchy waffle balls. The hot chocolate were comforting, tasteful, rich, and thick. I can say, I start to like chocolate now.

Hot chocolate is best served while it’s hot. After sometime, and the hot chocolate is no longer hot, I ask for a glass of ice cubes and I pour the chocolate drink onto the ice cubes, turns out to be Ice Chocolate (l0l) and they were refreshing! So next time, I will try the cold chocolate drinks and the food also. If you are chocolate lovers, you better visit this place.

Let’s nibbles!

Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara
Ruko Golden 8 Blok I No.33
Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Banten 15810
Instagram: @kakolait


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