Okay, first of all, who’s hungry, on a budget and wants to eat something good? *sneakily raising my hand*… Well, let’s try Fish Streat! I’m live on West Jakarta and to be honest, I rarely found a good fish n chips restaurant except Fish n Co’ (well everyone knows it as well) and you all know it’s quite expensive. There is this one restaurant that also sells Fish and Chips that looks similar with Fish and Co called Fish Streat. The first time I know about this restaurant is from my aunty who lived at Pondok Indah area, their first branch is at Pondok Indah. When I knew that Fish Streat is opening soon on Tanjung Duren, I’m quite excited, since I like fish n chips so it’s worth a try. And it indeed is.

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Fish Streat is located around Tanjung Duren neighbourhood, it’s not very spacious, and it’s not the right place for you to sit and chat with your friends because when the restaurant is full, it’s so noisy and people are queuing outside. I arrived there for lunch around 11.30am and the restaurant is almost full (except the smoking area which is outdoor). So if you want to have lunch here, better come earlier or else you have to be on the waiting list.

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Fish n’ Chips in Cheese Melted Sauce (38k)
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Fish n’ Chips in Creamy Sauce (35k)

The dish we are ordering their trademark menu, Fish and chips with cheese melted sauce. It’s a battered crispy fish with butter milk served with spaghetti. The other fish and chips we order is the creamy sauce. The fish is super crispy, tasty, and not fishy, but… the batter is way too thick and I think the fish is only a thin slice (oh well, look at the price!).

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Seafood Platter, small (35k)
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Seafood Platter, big (65k)
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Crispy Calamari (29k)

Another popular dish is their Seafood platter. It consist of grilled prawns, grilled fish, grilled calamari, and green mussels in garlic lemon butter sauce served with curry rice and chips. To be honest, I don’t like the curry rice, however the seafood were fresh and yummy. They are available in two size portion, small and big. We also try the Crispy calamari and they are also good.

Everything was good and satisfying except the service. I have to wait for 30 minutes for my food to come. After we order, the waitress told us that the fish with melted cheese will took the longest cooking time but that came earlier before the other food. I hope by the time they are settle, they will improve their service.

Over all, I am quite impress with this restaurant. It’s cheap and they serve good food.

Fish Streat Tanjung Duren
Jl. Tanjung Duren Utara III Blok M Kav. 326, Jakarta Barat

Other store location:

Fish Streat Tebet
Jl. Tebet Timur Dalem no. 44B, Jakarta Selatan

Fish Streat Bintaro
Taman Jajan CBD Sektor 7

Fish Streat Pondok Indah
Jl. Pinang Emas blok UT no. 14, Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan

Fish Streat Veteran
Jl. Kesehatan Raya no. 87, Pesanggrahan, Jakarta

Fish Streat Depok
Jl. IR Juanda RT 005/RW 014, Kemiri Muka, Beji, Depok 

Instagram: @fishstreat


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