Few days ago, I went to Gading Serpong area aiming for a cafe hopping and my first on the list is Port Five Six. At first I thought they only serve coffee but actually they are a brunch cafes. I followed William Gozali’s instagram ever since he won Masterchef Indonesia and I knew he is opening his new own restaurant.

Getting to this place is actually easy when you have a boyfriend living at Serpong area (hehe) and actually it’s on the second floor of Soto Ambengan Cak Sadli and I have ate there once. If you are not familiar with Serpong area, you can use Google map/Waze. The place is not too big but quite spacious and I love a restaurant with a bright ambience and you can feel the sunbeam.

The first thing I order is the drinks, I ordered the Hang-over Cure which is a peanut butter milk shake, Iced Cappucino and Nutella shake. All the drinks were good, except the Hang-over Cure, it was great!! They said, it is their best seller. The price of the drinks is not too expensive, wise enough.

Then comes the food. They opened from 9am and they serve brunch menus and starting 12pm they serve lunch menus. Luckily, I was there between 11am and 12pm so I can order their lunch menus (did I order lunch menu? I quite forget, sorry :”D)

I ordered 3 menus of their best seller, the Truffle fries, Watermelon Calamari salad, and Port Five Six, their signature dish. I say, truffle fries taste just like a regular truffle fries, it’s good tho. The watermelon calamari salad… I don’t know how to describe this. The calamari is crispy and tasty, the watermelon gives a fresh sauce to the calamari which is nice but it’ll be better if the watermelon comes smaller. But what I don’t like is the coconut dressing (which taste like a Indonesian traditional snack sauce, if i’m not mistaken kue putu mayang? ) .

Watermelon Calamari Salad (50k)
Truffle Fries

Last but not least, the signature dish, the Port Five Six. It’s their signature pork belly with sous vide egg (also available in scrambled egg or sunny side up), hashbrown and salad. They all taste delidelicious all together. I like how they cook the egg, it’s not runny, but creamy and I never taste an egg like this before, so Thankyou chef William Gozali!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, I’d like to come back to this cafe. I always like a cafe that serves good drinks and food as well (so when I’m hungry, I don’t have to go anywhere else). Just one thing, for me it’s a bit pricey for a restaurant around Gading Serpong area, but with a good food like that, I’m okay. I’d like to come back and have the Salted egg chicken and Eggs Shinjuku.

Let’s nibbles!

Port Five Six
Kelapa Gading Selatan Blok BH10 No. 5-6
Gading Serpong – Tangerang
Instagram @portfivesix



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